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doddl Children's 2-in-1 suction bowl

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Doddl's unique 2-in-1 suction bowl designed for babies and toddlers. Suction is immovable when in use, with a tab for quick release. Strong suction ring is easy to remove converting the suction bowl to a non-slip bowl, perfect for toddlers and older children, making this bowl incredibly long lasting. The suction base is easy to reattach as required. Engineered to be intuitive to use. Biodegradable properties with expert design features. Encourages key motor skill development. Recommended by experts. Boosts confidence and independence. The doddl bowl is designed to smooth the transition from suction to a standard bowl. Recommended by experts and award winning, doddl is 5-star rated by over 10,000 parents.

2-in-1 Base of the bowl can cleverly convert between a suction bowl, perfect for babies, and a non-slip bowl, perfect for toddlers and older children - making this bowl incredibly versatile and long lasting.

Intuitive design Oval shape and flat base makes learning to scoop easy and helps avoids your child’s hand bumping on the side of the bowl.

Easy to use Lower and wider front allows for easy access to food and makes food easier to see.

Strong suction Immovable suction with quick release tab. Suction ring can be removed and reattached very easily. To ensure the suction is at maximum strength, it is important to make sure the small triangles on the bowl base and the suction cup are aligned. 

Easy to clean and store Dishwasher safe, can be used in a standard steriliser (not UV). Stackable when suction ring is removed.

High Quality BPA and Phthalates free. Premium long lasting materials. Safe to use in microwave (up to 80 degrees c) i.e for reheating food, not cooking.

Recommended by experts Highly recommended by Development Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists.

Key Features

  • Strong suction to avoid mess
  • Removable suction with non-slip base helps smooth the transition from suction bowl to standard bowl
  • Lower front with raised back to aid scooping and make food easier to see
  • Wider shape for easy access to food
  • Biodegradable element 
  • Dishwasher safe & easy to care for
  • High quality and long lasting

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