Easynight Blackout Blind FAQ information

What is the difference between a Velcro® blackout and an easyblackout?

In both cases, it is necessary to attach self-adhesive hook Velcro® around the window frame. In the case of the Velcro® blackout kit, it is also necessary to attach self-adhesive loop Velcro® around the blackout material. With the easyblackout kit, there is no need for this step as the blackout material has an extra layer on one side which attaches directly to the hook Velcro® on the window frame so you can press the easyblackout material against the hook Velcro® on the window to hang your blackout. This extra layer is all over one side of the material, so it can easily be cut to size, and any part of the material will attach.

How do I know which size kit to buy?

The material supplied should be cut or trimmed to be slightly larger than the shape and size of the window in question. Measure your window, including frame, and select the smallest kit into which your dimensions will fit. In each kit there is sufficient Velcro® to make an easyblind of the maximum size. If you wish to cut the material to make more than one blackout, you may require additional Velcro®. For original Velcro blackout blinds, please make sure you order both hook and loop as these must be added individually to the basket. For easyblackout, only hook Velcro is required.

Which measurement is the width, and which is the drop?

Our blackout materials can be used in either direction – vertically or horizontally.

To which side of the original blackout material should the loop Velcro® be attached?

The self-adhesive Velcro® can be attached to either side of the material, however we recommend attaching the Velcro® to the coated side of the material so that the uncoated side faces in to the room. This is for aesthetic reasons.

If the material becomes creased when I fold my easyblind when not in use, can it be ironed?

Creases should fall out of the material when hung, however if the material is very creased, it can be ironed with a cool iron on the uncoated side.

When I have completely finished using my easyblind, is the Velcro® on the window frame easily removed?

The Velcro® can be pulled away from the window frame. There may be some residue from the adhesive left behind. This can be removed using bathroom silicone sealant remover, available from most hardware and DIY shops.
Please note that where used on painted or varnished window frames, the Velcro® could pull paint or varnish away, particularly where the finish is not sound. It may be necessary in this case to touch up the paint or varnish.

If I wish to, can I move my easyblind to another window?

Once applied to the window frame, the hook Velcro® cannot be removed and used again. To use your easyblind on another window, you would need to use a new length of hook Velcro® for the frame.

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