SAVE! Twin Pack Award Winning Sleepytot Comforter

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SAVE! Twin Pack Award Winning Sleepytot Comforter


SAVE ON OUR TWIN PACK!! No more dummy runs in the night.  Sleepytot will help your little one find their own dummies.  Guess what?  Tried, tested and it works!



How many times do you get up every night and find yourself on hands and knees searching under the cot, in the darkness for the elusive dummies?

We would put four dummies in the cot with Miss 9 months to try and help her find her own.  Then Voila!  My bestie introduced me to Sleepytot and within the week she was finding her own dummy!

Sleepytots don’t slip out of the cot as easy as a dummy does and they have four paws that can each hold a dummy, a teether or other special toy.

They can be used as a wee pillow and while you feed your newborn, place it next to your skin so when you put bubs down you can safely use Sleepytots paws to secure to the cot rails.  Baby smells you, gets to look at sleepytot too and all safely!

Approx size:
Big : w22cm by h25cm
Small : w19cm by h19cm

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Small w12cm x h16cm, Large w22cm x h25cm

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