The Ultimate Sleep Miracle Package SAVE up to $25

The Ultimate Sleep Miracle Package SAVE up to $25


Save money and save your sleep!  The Ultimate Sleep package … the perfect gift too!  Package includes  the following :  Lulla Doll, Miracle Blanket, Baby Shusher, Sleepytot, Easynight Blackout Blind

  • Please note these images are for photography purposes only – please ensure these comforters are not left unattended with baby. Please secure comforter to the outside of the sleeping environment using the velcro tabs, until baby can safely manoeuvre around and cuddle them.

We cannot sell Lulla Dolls to NZ due to our contract requirements. Please contact Sleepytot NZ to order your package


All of our favourites bundle into one great package

The Baby Shusher lulls your baby to sleep

The Lulla Doll keep your baby asleep

The Miracle blanket stops your little Houdini escaping their wrap

The Sleepytot stops the age old problem of searching for lost dummies in the middle of the night

The Blackout blinds are perfect for creating that snoozy environment (cut down to any size – no fray material)


Additional information

Blackout Blind Size

1.5m x 1.45m, 2m x 1.45m, 2.3m x 1.45m, 3m x 1.45m

Sleepytot Size

Small, Large

Sleepytot Character

Pink Bunny, Blue Bunny, Grey Bunny, Cream Bunny, Cream Lamb

Miracle Blanket

Lemon Chevron, Blue Chevron, Pink Chevron, Pink Elephants, Blue Elephants, White


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