A new sleep product that is way over due! INTRODUCING THE SLEEPY HUGS Swaddle with Arms in and Out!

Australian Designed by a mum who understood perfectly!

A swaddle that can be safely worn, even when baby is rolling. YES!! It goes up to 12 months+ and is the softest cotton ever! Able to be worn like an original with hands in or uncover the hands with the simple unfold of the cuff.

Transitioning from the swaddle can be so easy!

When my little Miss “love to be Wrapped” started escaping the wrap, I was Lost!

Prior to this, people would always say … Michelle, do you even have a new baby but suddenly I couldn’t keep her wrapped and I couldn’t get her to sleep without being wrapped. There was also the issue of safety as she was rolling. It was a battle for the next few months and most definitely caused sleep regression.


  • 100% super soft cotton, naturally breathable and suitable for eczema
  • Fully enclosed arms prevents scratching
  • Wide sack design to suit hip dysplasia harness
  • Top zipper cover to protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Bottom opening zipper for convenient nappy changes

Size Guide

The Sleepy Hugs sleep suits come in three sizes:

  • Small – suitable for babies under 6 months (suitable from 3 months onwards) with average weight of 18 pounds. The arm width is approx. 56cm, the length is approx. 65cm and the neck hole is approx. 11cm.

  • Medium – suitable for babies 6 – 12 months, average weight above 18 pounds. The arm width is approx. 65cm, the length is approx. 75cm and the neck hole is approx. 13cm.

  • Large – suitable for babies 12 months and beyond. The arm width is approx. 75cm and the length is approx. 86cm. The size Large gives full range of movement and is for babies that like the comfort that the Sleepy Hugs sleep suit gives, but no longer requires the arm resistance.