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Mamascarf by Mama Designs


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The Original Breastfeeding Scarf

Award winning breastfeeding scarf providing discretion and support for breastfeeding in public

Allows Mum to see her baby throughout the feed
Enables any clothes to be worn for breastfeeding
Easy to use and folds up in a pocket
100% soft tactile cotton. Hidden pocket to store breastpad!
One size fits all and easy to use
Designed by a breastfeeding mum for breastfeeding mums

Navy in colour, as shown in photo

18 in stock


How it works
Using your Mamascarf breastfeeding scarf is easy; it’s a really simple but effective triangular design;

Place the scarf around your neck with the centre point at your tummy and the pocket on the inside.
Tie the two ends of the scarf at the back of your neck. The larger you require it to be, the further to the end you need to tie it. Tie a double knot.
Once your scarf is tied, loop your arm through the neck opening and pull the fabric around so the bulk of it is across your body and the scarf is tied across your back. (Right arm through to feed on the right or your left arm through to feed on the left side).
Once the Mamascarf nursing cover is in place you can adjust your clothing as required, now you can slip your baby up and underneath and feed as normal ensuring you are holding your baby at all times. Pull the fabric around your baby for maximum support.
The first time you use your Mamascarf try it on and tie it, do it at home with someone to help you.
Make sure you have it tied tightly enough to provide you with some support, but not so tightly that you can’t move your baby should you need to.
Keep it tied and you will be able to put it on quickly every time. You can do it with one hand whilst holding your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How is it different to using normal scarf for breastfeeding?

A. Mamascarf is the right fabric to be strong enough to tie and offer support, yet lightweight enough so that your baby won’t get too warm. The fabric is custom made, the texture is great for hiding creases when it is in and out of your changing bag and it doubles up as an attractive scarf. It is the right shape to be tied and to support your baby whilst allowing you to see them. It also has the pocket on the underside for a breastpad.

Q. It seems expensive?

A. Mamascarf is made using high quality cotton, woven in Turkey to our specification and made ethically in our factory. It might be more expensive than a cheap scarf but when you think about how often you are going to use it (daily while breastfeeding) and the fact that you won’t need to invest in breastfeeding tops, it is good value for money.

Q. What shape is it?

A. Mamascarf is a triangular scarf with a pocket on the underside.


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