GroEgg Thermometer and Nightlight

GroEgg Thermometer and Nightlight


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The Groegg will take the guess work right out of choosing the correct pyjamas and sleeping bag for your baby! Changing colours and a digital screen indicate the temperature. Groegg also acts as a cute Night Light!

GroEgg plugs straight into your wall

The large, bright design makes it as easy as ever to ensure your little one is resting at the correct temperature.


This has to be one of the most valuable nursery gadgets ever invented and yes we still use one.

The Groegg takes all the guessing away from how to dress your child at night time.

You know the scenario, you think its too cold in the night so you get up and check, then you feel hot so you get up and check again and you drive your husband crazy asking whether he thinks its hot or cold!.  It was terrible the amount of time I used to get up to check on our little ones.

The Groegg shows you the temperature and once you become familiar with the temps and tog choice, its very easy and gives total peace of mind that your little one is dressed correctly at night

Ambient Digital Thermometer
Gentle Night Light
Perfect Accessory for the Swaddle Grobag or Grobag
Adjustable Brightness (4 levels) makes for a super handy nightlight
Soft Touch Silicone Dome


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