Sleepy Hugs 2 Tog Winter Warm

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Our brand new 2TOG Winter ‘WARM’ range is here! Featuring unique 2TOG quilting in the signature Sleepy Hugs style for perfect warmth and comfort all night long. The perfect way to ensure your baby keeps warm for a restful sleep in the colder season.

Original arms in available in sizes 3-6 months and 6-12 months. This arms in style is safe for rolling.
Hands in and out with fold over cuffs available in 12 months +

This Sleepy Hugs ‘Warm’ version is designed for the cooler seasons and features a unique 2TOG quilting in the signature style of the Sleepy Hugs, including fully enclosed arms to help prevent scratching, a hip-friendly wide-sack design that easily accommodates a hip dysplasia brace and a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes.

The Sleepy Hugs sleep sack is designed for babies who sleep better in a swaddle suit that offers unrestricted arm movement yet provides just enough security to combat the startle reflex. Perfect for tummy rollers.

Keep your baby toasty warm this winter!

Our award winning Sleepy Hugs sleep sack now comes as a 2TOG rated sleep sack.

Is your baby experiencing early morning waking?

Night time and early morning waking may be due to your baby being cold, all other factors considering. If you think about it, night temperatures drop to its lowest point sometime around 3am – 4am. As the night temperature drops so does our internal body temperature. Babies can lose body heat up to four times faster than an adult. So, it’s important to maintain your baby’s room temperature.

The recommended room temperature for a baby’s room in the cooler season is 18C – 22C. Appropriate layering is also recommended underneath any Winter TOG rated sleeping bag.

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