Original 8 hour Lulla Doll by RoRo

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These original Lulla Dolls play 8 hours of comforting real life heartbeat and breathing to comfort your baby throughout the night.

Please note we do have a new launch Lulla Doll that plays 12 hours New Release Lulla Doll

Need your Sleep Back? The first Lulla Doll to come to Australia totally flipped sleep around for our Miss 3 at the time. Of course this meant more sleep for the entire family and we have 4 children so that was very important for us. Watch Here!

Since then 1000’s upon 1000’s of Australian mums swear by Lulla’s benefits. Lulla has helped preemies, newborns, babies and children up to the age of 8 to get some much needed sleep, not to mention mums, dads and siblings.

Lulla plays 8 hours of continuous real life heartbeat and breathing. In fact, the heartbeat and breathing is that of Icelandic mum of 3, Gudran, also a yoga guru!

Watch how the Lulla Doll works here

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