Freezer Pods by Weanmeister

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The Weanmeister Freezer Pods are a convenient way of freezing homemade baby food. Made from non-toxic durable silicone that is bacteria resistant, the Weanmeister has 9 pods that hold 75ml worth of food each. One tray holds a total of 675ml of baby food and comes with a clip on lid to prevent freezer burn and contamination of food. Frozen portions pop out easier because of the flexible silicone and doesn't scratch or snap like plastic can. Can also be used for freezing breast milk into handy size portions. 

Once weaning is finished the Weanmeister's can be used for mini muffins, frittatas, jelly, giant ice cubes, frozen lollies and yoghurts and much more.

Freezer, dishwasher and oven safe up to 240 degrees Celsius and BPA Free.

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