easyblackout Blind Kits

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Is your baby waking early? Are you struggling with your baby's day sleeps? Do you want to keep your baby's sleep routine in check while you are on holiday? Maybe daylight savings is getting the better of you or perhaps you are a shift worker?

Our cream and white easyblackout kits by easyblinds will save your sleep. They come in a home version (removable frame fasteners only) or a travel Go Anywhere version. If you have a larger window or door area, you can overlap several blinds if required.  Easyblackout kits can be used in the home, travel or business.

The material is fray free so it can be cut down to any shape which is great for irregular shaped windows. Simply cut the fabric to the shape and size you need (ensuring the fabric is a little larger than the frame for the best blackout) and press it against the included attachments on the window. Works for triangular, circular, arched or non-standard size windows.

How it works

Using removable Frame Fasteners, this blackout blind can be attached to windows and doors, either to the glass or window/door frames.

The Frame Fasteners can be attached anywhere on the reverse side of the material, making this product flexible and versatile. Each Velcro fastener will attach anywhere on one side of the blackout material. The material can be removed from the attachments for re-positioning as required to ensure best fit on the window.

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