Bedhead Hats

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Baby Toddler and Child Sun hats Rated UPF 50+!!

The hat your children will forget they are wearing....and keep it on!

What makes Bedhead Hats different?

Best in sun protection, no floppy brims, stretch for a perfect fit, rated for the Australian Summers! The baby hats really do fit newborns, great for prams and baby carriers too, easy care- wash and wear.

Made with 90% cotton so the natural fibre breathes and allows for self cooling.

Take it from our customers.... Bedhead hats are loved, adored and cherished!


Legionaire-  Built for comfort, the best style for the hat haters and babies to wear while in prams and baby carriers. Made with super stretchy and light weight cotton jersey. Best suited to newborns, crawlers and toddlers still using strollers prams carriers and slings. Harder to pull off and not within their eye-line.


Bucket Hat and Ponytail Bucket Hats- Soft flexible brim that introduces babies and toddlers to an angled brim that frames their line of sight. Super stretchy and light weight cotton jersey, stretchy chin strap (if required you can easily remove this).

Girls bucket hats feature a clever little pony tail slit to keep hot hair off little necks!!




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