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Why a Grobag?

  • They stop babies kicking off their covers, getting cold and waking themselves and everyone else up
  • They can’t be kicked over your baby’s head or get tangled up
  • They keep babies at a comfortable temperature all night long
  • Your baby can wake up, move around his cot, and fall back to sleep all on his own without you having to tuck them back in
  • They become a great part of the bedtime routine, and will help your baby feel familiar, secure and confident and understand when its time for bed, even when away from home
  • They can help the transition from Moses basket to cot by being the familiar “comforter” in both
  • They may delay the age at which your baby is able to climb out of his cot.

Are Grobags safe?

Yes. Well fitting, low-tog Baby Sleep Bags, when used correctly, are potentially one of the safest forms of bedding for your baby.

While the baby has complete freedom of movement within the Baby Sleep Bag, the fitted neck and armholes ensure that there is no danger of either slipping in or out, provided the baby is placed in the correct size of Baby Sleep Bag for his age/weight. Therefore, provided also that a suitable level of nightwear is worn, he can sleep safely at a pleasant and constant temperature throughout the night.

The Gro Company has conducted exhaustive research and product testing to ensure that all the components of our Grobag Baby Sleep Bags conform to the British Safety Standards and safety regulations. The National Standards Body of the UK has created a new standard BS8510:2009. Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are one of the first to achieve the new standard which further ensures all aspects of quality and safety.

Choosing a Tog

2.5 tog Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are ideal for Autumn, Winter and Spring and can be used right up until the Summer nights become warm. If your nursery is usually below 20°C, we recommend a 2.5 tog Grobag.

However, if you live in a particularly mild region or if you have well insulated and heated accommodation and your nursery is usually 21°C or above, you may prefer a 1.0 tog Grobag for year round use.

Our 1.0 tog Grobags are ideal for use from during the Summer months when the nights are warmer and are also very useful in early Spring and Autumn for day-time naps whilst your baby is still in a 2.5 tog Grobag at night.

Our 0.5 tog Grobag Baby Sleep Bags are for use in high Summer, for holidays abroad, or if your child is unwell and has a raised temperature.

Your Grobag® baby sleeping bag comes with a free nursery thermometer to help you select which tog baby sleeping bag to use and what sleepwear to put your baby in.

What size Grobag?

The 6-18 month size is suitable from when your baby is 18lb (8.1 kg) and is generously sized so may easily last until your baby is between 18 and 24 months.

Our 18-36 month size is suitable from when your toddler weighs 25lb (11.4kg) and many toddlers are still wearing their Grobags well after the age of 3.

Travel Grobags

Please note that if the design name stipulates ‘travel’ it means that the grobag can be used as per usual in a cot but has specifically designed additional features that makes it suitable for use in a stroller or car seat. Very versatile!

Grobag size chart

Grobag size chart

Grobag tog rating

Grobag tog rating