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  • Our award-winning Charlie Banana¨ 2-in-1 Swim Nappy and Training Pants have a waterproof outer layer and a soft organic cotton interior lining, which is gentle against your baby's skin. They are ideal for swimmng and potty training because of the trim fit, easy removal, and a fine absorbent layer to minimize little accidents. This is the perfect alternative to bulky, wasteful, hard-to-remove disposable baby swim diapers that don't retain anything. These colourful waterproof pants also make great covers for disposable diapers and can be worn as bloomers too. For indoor and outdoor use but for daytime only. Charlie Banana¨ 2-in-1 Swim Nappy and Training Pants contain an organic cotton inner lining with built-in absorbent padding.
  • My Carry Potty


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    Sorry,  EXPRESS shipping is not available for this item Potty training is inconvenient isn't it!  Not any longer!  You need this leak and odour proof potty now. No more staying at home for 2 weeks while you potty train.  Amanda Jenner - potty trainer to the stars developed this product so mums can potty train and still be on the go!  It is leak proof, has no bags and the contents are simply flushed down the toilet at the next opportunity.  Consistency is the key to potty training and your child will be still willing to use a potty when they are out and about if it is there own.
  • Potty Training Magic by Amanda Jenner


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    Amanda Jenner is the UK's leading expert in potty training toddlers and is potty trainer to the stars! Along with her My Carry Potty range of products, Amanda is hitting the headlines with her hugely successful 5 day plan, that doesn't require time off work or a holiday to be successful. Covering every problem you could possibly think of also suitable for children with learning difficulties. Amanda makes potty training super easy and fun too!
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  • TheraPee Bed Wetting Solutions

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    Full Customer Support for this Product.  Call us if you have any questions 0405259674 The Ultimate Bed-wetting Solution - THERApee is suitable for children and teenagers between the ages of 4 to 18! We are super excited to be able to bring to you THERApee by Dr. Sagie - a world-renowned expert in the field of bedwetting (enuresis) who has treated more than 40,000 patients since 1984. He is the founding director of multiple enuretic clinics worldwide and has treated more than 40,000 patients Read below for full description of this amazing product. . .  
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  • Brolly Sheets

    Brolly Sheets are the perfect solution for all your bed wetting needs! No more stripping beds in the middle of the night, get back to sleep quickly! Made with a 100% soft cotton top, the middle layer is both quiet and breathable, while still maintaining its super absorbent qualities holding up to 2 litres! They are simply fabulous, saving you time, money, loads of laundry and above all your sanity! Also handy for your baby’s ‘nappy-free time’ (to protect rugs or carpet), for breast-feeding in bed (you’d be surprised how messy that can get) or for expectant Mums in case your waters break in bed (yes, it happens a lot!).
  • Brolly Sheets Car Seat Protectors


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    For wee accidents on the go! Leaky nappies or potty training? No drama if there is an accident when you’re out and about A comfy ride for little behinds Peace of mind for Mums and Dads Simple and easy to use and change