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    Our brand new 2TOG Winter 'WARM' range is here! Featuring unique 2TOG quilting in the signature Sleepy Hugs style for perfect warmth and comfort all night long. The perfect way to ensure your baby keeps warm for a restful sleep in the colder season. Original arms in available in sizes 3-6 months and 6-12 months. This arms in style is safe for rolling. Hands in and out with fold over cuffs available in 12 months + This Sleepy Hugs ‘Warm’ version is designed for the cooler seasons and features a unique 2TOG quilting in the signature style of the Sleepy Hugs, including fully enclosed arms to help prevent scratching, a hip-friendly wide-sack design that easily accommodates a hip dysplasia brace and a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes. The Sleepy Hugs sleep sack is designed for babies who sleep better in a swaddle suit that offers unrestricted arm movement yet provides just enough security to combat the startle reflex. Perfect for tummy rollers.
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    Sleepyhugs COOL


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    Our new Sleepy Hugs 'Cool' is the perfect way to achieve a restful sleep on warm summer nights. With all the features of the original Sleepy Hugs, the Sleepy Hugs Cool is made from a cool, light cotton mesh-like fabric with hundreds of tiny air holes for increased air circulation and perfect comfort all night long.
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    Cozy Toddler Suit 1-3 yrs

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    THE ULTIMATE TODDLER SLEEP SUIT! - BRAND NEW DESIGN AND IN STOCK NOW! The revolutionary toddler sleep suit that is designed as a single size to cover your toddler from age 1 year all the way to 3+ years. This means you don't have to buy another one every time your toddler has a growth spurt. A unique onesie design featuring a full inner leg/crotch zipper that offers the practicality and convenience of nappy changing without taking off the entire suit. This sleep suit is for all year round. You are able to dress your toddler under the suit warmer for winter and cooler for summer
  • GroEgg Thermometer and Nightlight


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    The Groegg will take the guess work right out of choosing the correct pyjamas and sleeping bag for your baby! Changing colours and a digital screen indicate the temperature. Groegg also acts as a cute Night Light! GroEgg plugs straight into your wall The large, bright design makes it as easy as ever to ensure your little one is resting at the correct temperature.
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    Sleepy Hugs Swaddle – Hands in and Out

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    INTRODUCING THE SLEEPY HUGS Swaddle with Arms in and Out! Australian Designed by a mum who understood perfectly! A swaddle that can be safely worn, even when baby is rolling. YES!! It goes up to 12 months+ and is the softest cotton ever! Able to be worn like an original with hands in or uncover the hands with the simple unfold of the cuff. Transitioning from the swaddle can be so easy! When my little Miss “love to be Wrapped” started escaping the wrap, I was Lost! Prior to this, people would always say … Michelle, do you even have a new baby but suddenly I couldn’t keep her wrapped and I couldn’t get her to sleep without being wrapped. There was also the issue of safety as she was rolling. It was a battle for the next few months and most definitely caused sleep regression.
  • Sleepy Hugs Swaddle – Original

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    0.7 Tog so you can dress cooler underneath for summer and warmer for winter!! It is the hardest thing when your baby gets to an age where they can't be safely swaddled anymore or maybe they just want a little more freedom?  This is a swaddle that is safe to use for that stage of your baby growing!  The gentle way to transitioning your baby out of a swaddle. A swaddle that can be safely worn, even when baby is rolling. YES!! It goes up to 12 months+ and is the softest cotton ever! Introducing our brand new exclusive designs, just released! Made using 100% GOTS organic cotton, making them super soft, breathable to keep your baby comfortable throughout the night. The Sleepy Hugs is a uniquely designed sleep suit for babies who have outgrown swaddling and prefer to move their arms while they sleep, but still need some security to calm their startle reflex. It is the perfect sleep suit to help babies transition to free arms without losing sleep. Once your baby is showing signs of being able to roll, swaddling is no longer safe. Sleepy Hugs is safe for babies who have started to roll onto their tummy during sleep as they are able to move their arms into their preferred position. The Sleepy Hugs sleep sack is made from soft, breathable cotton and features a two way zipper that opens full-body length with top zipper cover and a bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes. It’s wide sack design is hip-friendly and is able to accommodate a hip-dysplasia brace if your baby needs one. It is roomy enough for your baby to move comfortably in their sleep but provides enough security to calm their startle reflex and keep them sleeping longer. The Sleepy Hugs is available all the way up to 12 months to ensure your baby sleeps well through all stages of development.