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  • Our award-winning Charlie Banana¨ 2-in-1 Swim Nappy and Training Pants have a waterproof outer layer and a soft organic cotton interior lining, which is gentle against your baby's skin. They are ideal for swimmng and potty training because of the trim fit, easy removal, and a fine absorbent layer to minimize little accidents. This is the perfect alternative to bulky, wasteful, hard-to-remove disposable baby swim diapers that don't retain anything. These colourful waterproof pants also make great covers for disposable diapers and can be worn as bloomers too. For indoor and outdoor use but for daytime only. Charlie Banana¨ 2-in-1 Swim Nappy and Training Pants contain an organic cotton inner lining with built-in absorbent padding.
  • My Carry Potty


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    Introductory offer! Whether its at home, or out and about, My Carry Potty is the only potty your toddler will ever need. My Carry Potty was invented and designed by a mum, to help with the challenges of potty training. It makes sense to tackle potty training as soon as you think your child is ready to start, but many parents tend to put it off because it can be inconvenient, especially when you’re on the move. My Carry Potty is the new solution to potty training. It’s lightweight, leak-proof and completely bag free. It’s designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight seal. It is made from high quality durable plastic that’s easy on the eye and easy to clean. Best of all, kids love the bright attractive colours and the carry handle makes it easy for them to adopt as their own possession.
  • My Little Step Stool


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    Whether its at home, or out and about, My Little Step Stool helps little people reach things with the cute characters that match their My Carry Potty and My Little Trainer Seat.
  • My Little Trainer Seat


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    Whether its at home, or out and about, My Little Trainer Seat brings the toilet to life with our cute character designs that help encourage little ones to transition to the toilet. Its unique, secure and comfortable designs have be created for both girls and boys with an extra high splash guard. Using this alongside My Carry Potty introduces consistency leading to 100% successful toilet training. My little Trainer Seat can also be used as a natural progression from the My Carry Potty to the big toilet whilst still feeling safe with a sense of familiarity and consistency.
  • Potty Training Magic by Amanda Jenner


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    DELIVERY EXPECTED ON JUNE 5th Amanda Jenner is the UK's leading expert in potty training toddlers and is potty trainer to the stars! Along with her My Carry Potty range of products, Amanda is hitting the headlines with her hugely successful 5 day plan, that doesn't require time off work or a holiday to be successful. Covering every problem you could possibly think of also suitable for children with learning difficulties. Amanda makes potty training super easy and fun too!
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