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    Lulla Doll and Baby Shusher package

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    BABY SHUSHER OR LULLA? The Baby Shusher and the Lulla Doll serve quite different purposes but go perfectly hand in hand and perfect for a baby shower gift. Find out more below
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    LIMITED STOCK!! Now plays for 12+ hours, with improved sound, longer battery duration and adjustable volume Embroidered Features, 3 Gorgeous Colours and a beanie bottom so Lulla can sit. The new fabric is even softer and more durable and still designed to take on the caregivers smells.  Still machine washable — still a sleep miracle.  
  • Lulla Doll Onesie


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    Dressing your Lulla Doll is a wonderful way for your little one to bond with Lulla and is particularly recommended for those babies 10 months and older.  Dressing your Lulla Doll may also protect your Lulla Doll from spills and accidents.  These beautiful pieces are hand sewn by a lovely local lady.