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What is an ErgoPouch? 

A safe baby sleeping bag that acts like a wearable blanket with maximum functionality and breathability (100% natural organic fibres, with no polyester filling). It has  luxurious high thread count fabrics in a variety of weights so the baby can enjoy a consistent temperature without overheating or getting too cold. It has been engineered with unique stretch inserts to allow the baby to move freely around their cot/crib without getting tangled or stuck in mounds of fabrics. Using only the finest materials, the ergopouch is highly breathable and safe.

What is an ErgoCocoon?

A safe stretchy swaddle and baby sleeping bag which acts like a wearable blanket with maximum functionality and breathability. It replaces the traditional wrapping method with a flat blanket and comes already constructed in a swaddle shape so you dont have to learn origami or worry about unraveling. It has poppers in the arms which allows your baby to have their arms inside or out. As a swaddle your baby will feel snug and secure, it controls the startle reflex.  Your baby soon learns to sleep arms out and its and easy transition with one arm out a time.

How does a baby sleeping bag work?
You simply put your baby inside the ergoPouch sleeping bag and zip it up. Use it only at sleep times so then your baby will get familiar with the association between the sleeping bag and sleep time.  Your baby will happily nod off after a few goes as routine is essential for babies. There is a 2 way zipper included so you can change you babies nappy/diaper without having to take the whole bag off.

Why use a baby sleeping bag instead of baby blankets?
With traditional blankets, babies are likely to kick them off and wake up cold. Baby sleeping bags provide the perfect mix of comfort, safety & convenience for both baby and caregiver. Because the baby is essentially wearing their blanket, you are assured that they are consistently warm and free from becoming entangled in their bedding. And when babies sleep longer and peacefully, so does the whole household! Additionally, ErgoPouch is designed to safely replace costly bedding, which makes it an exceptional value as well.

What is a Tog Rating?
The British “T0G” value is the international standard measurement of all blankets’ thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm. The TOG rating describes the warmth or ‘Thermal Resistance’ of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK to describe warmth levels of duvets and sleeping bags. If the room is warm enough for you to be comfortable wearing light clothing (16 – 20°c) then it is the right temperature for your baby.

Handy Tip- Your baby can’t regulate her temperature in her first month, so dress her in one more layer than you and check her temperature by feeling the back of her neck with the back of your hand.

Why are baby sleeping bags sleeveless? Won’t my baby get cold?
That’s why we have Ergo Arms. They are a bolero style jacket you can place on top of any sleeping bag. They have a cool body with warmer sleeves so the baby wont overheat, this allows you to control the babies warmth. Sometimes its warmr at the start of the night but then after 10pm it can cool down, which is the perfect time to add an extra layer before you go to bed so you baby wont wake at 5am!

How do I dress my baby when they wear a baby sleeping bag? How can I tell if they’re too hot or cold?
Nursery temperature and body heat are the best indicators to keep your baby comfortable while wearing their ErgoPouch. The optimal nursery temperature is approximately 16-20 degrees° F. If you are able to keep your nursery temperature in this range, dressing your baby in the suitable ergopyjamas will be best. Reading the guidelines of our what to wear chart will help you dress your baby before bed. Please remember that babies have immature circulatory systems, so cool fingers or toes are not a good way to gauge body temperature. A quick way to check if your child is comfortable is to place your hand underneath their clothing on their stomach or back. If they feel sweaty, remove a layer of clothing. If they feel cold, add a onesie or t-shirt.

How many baby sleeping bags do I need?
We always recommend having two sleep bags. Many times babies have little accidents in the middle of the night and it’s handy to have a spare while the other is being laundered.

Hybrid Swaddle Bag

2.5 Tog Hybrid Swaddle or Sleepbag

The Next Generation Baby Sleeping Solution – Swaddling with warmth. No kicking blankets off.

Not sure whether to swaddle or not? This is the perfect option.

As a swaddle, your baby will feel snug and secure with stretch organic cotton. It allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that suits them without waking up.
Comes with poppers in the arms for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready, it converts into sleeping bag.
ergoPouch baby sleeping bagSizes Range: 3-12M – If Swaddling / 0-12M – If using as sleepbag only.

Weight: Fits up to 12kgs / Length of Hybrid – from neck to feet.

Colors: Natural, Pink, Blue, Grey