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Bedhead Wet Bags

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The Bedhead Wet Bag is perfect for getting damp items home safely from the beach or pool - without saturating everything else!

Simply wring out wet cossies, pop them in Wet Bag and close the zip. Available in our range of coordinating Swim hat prints - your little one will be the coolest kid this Summer!

It’s like a mini America’s Cup on your head! A colourfully patterned print for little sea-faring fans. Pair it with our Slate, Marine and Peach rash vests to complete the look! Boats is available in Legionnaire, Classic Bucket and Wet Bag.


*Wring out excess water/dampness from wet items

*Place damp items inside Wet Bag Close Wet Bag zipper to keep items secure

*Remove damp items from Wet Bag as soon as possible to air dry


*Leaving damp items in Wet Bag can cause colours to bleed

*Leaving damp items in Wet Bag overnight will cause musty odour and possibly mould

*Always remove damp items as soon as possible to air dry?

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