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Ooly - the adorable sleep training clock and companion that helps your child understand when it’s time to get up. No more difficult bedtimes and no more early morning starts!

Ooly has many colour options to choose from with its glow - we recommend red or orange for bedtime and overnight - whereas most other sleep trainer clocks use a blue glow light to show it is night time.

Research shows that blue/white/green glow inhibits melatonin secretion (the hormone responsible for sleep), which is not ideal when trying to improve your child's sleep!

The intuitive app makes Ooly fully customisable and means Ooly cannot be tinkered with by a child, as there are no inviting buttons to play with. T

his sleep trainer clock has been personally trialed by us, and we LOVE it!!

Ooly works with colour based time indications, meaning even younger children who do not yet have any concept of time will be able to understand.

Ooly is a 3-in-1 product - Sleep Trainer Clock, Nightlight and Toilet Training Lantern.

Compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android phones or tablets.

Package includes Ooly and USB charging cable

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