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Aroma Snooze Ultimate Sleep Bundle + BONUS IMMUNE & SNOOZE OIL

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This is the the Ultimate Sleep-Aid Vaporiser! Look no further!

Lively Living have worked with the world leaders to bring you the latest sleep and ultrasonic technology underpinned by evidence-based research on the science of sleep.

Each Aroma Snooze includes a 15ml Certified Organic ‘Aroma Snooze Remedy’ Essential Oil Blend or 15ml Certified Organic Child Calming Essential Oil Blend.

Red/Orange Light – w/ 8 sec cycle
Colour changing light, which may be set on any colour
5 sound & music tracks: Slow rhythm lullaby, Pink Noise, Heartbeat, Rain/Nature sound, Uplifting rhythm lullaby
Voice Recorder & looped playback! Tip: Record your own “shush sound!”
Operates up to 10 hours continuous mist mode
Operates up to 18 hours intermittent mist mode
300ml Water Capacity
Uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist technology – No heat
Auto switch off on low water level
Mist dispersion covers 30-35 sq/m
Operates 2.4 million Htz/sec

 FAQs’  Common questions answered relating to the Aroma-Snooze (New Model)

  •  The light will stay on, even when there is no water left, allowing the light to remain constant through the whole night. Though the light is able to be switched off, if no light is preferred.
  •  The mist  will switch off automatically when there is no water left, which is approx 18 hrs on intermittent mist mode.
  • The Music and Voice recorder sounds will play continuously on a loop, until they are turned off manually,  hence they can play for as long as a duration that you require!. We encourage you to have the sound component play through the whole night, as it will help the child self settle, should they wake.
  • The Voice recorder allows you to record up to 30 seconds, which can then play on a continuous loop until switched off.
  •  The Aroma-Snooze has 8 adjustable volume settings, that start from a very faint low sound, to a sound that should block surrounding sounds as intended. You can control the sound volume and can adjust it as your child gets use to the new sleeping environment. The Aroma-Snooze uses high quality sound components which do not distort, (un-like poor quality sound machines can).
  • The aroma-snooze blend is certified organic by the ACO, (Australian Certified Organic), is bottled and blended here in Australia and has organic oils of Organic Australian Sandalwood, Organic Cedarwood, Organic Bergamont, Organic Palmarosa, Organic Geranium, Organic Lavender, Organic Lavender, Organic Orange, some of the finest oils in the world to support sleep!
  •  The Aroma-Snooze is also widely used by adults to improve their sleep. The science behind the Aroma-Snooze features applies to all ages including newborns, toddlers, teenagers and adults too.
  •  Lively Living introduced cool mist, ultrasonic technology into Australia in early 2013. We have grown to be recognised as Australia’s leading supplier in this field and have sold  over 400 000 units across our extensive range  over this time, (via both our reputable stockists and our own on line store). With the growing demand of a superior quality and natural Sleep Aid, we released the Aroma-Snooze in early 2019 with new and innovative features that has seen a massive change in families sleep.

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