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Milky Meter

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Warm baby's bottle in seconds whilst preserving nutrients.

milkymeter makes it possible to warm baby's milk safely in the microwave.

milkymeter measures the temperature in baby's milk while the milk bottle warms in the microwave and tells when temperature is right and you should stop the microwave.

Use with milk, breast milk, formula, or any other liquid you want to serve at body temperature.

Nutrients in the milk are preserved

Nutrients in baby milk are damaged if heated too much for a longer time period.  Regardless of using bottle warmer, water bath, microwave or any other heating method. 

The safety feature in milkymeter˚ allows you to stop warming at the right time, avoiding overheating. This means nutrients in baby's milk are preserved. 

How to use:

1) Place milkymeter in baby's bottle

Ensure milk covers the "minimum" line. Now milkymeter is ready to measure the temperature.

2) Start the microwave

Place baby's bottle with milk & milkymeter in the microwave oven. Start warming and keep a close eye on milkymeter. milkymeter turns on automatically with the microwave oven.

3) Look for the green light

Milkymeter flashes a blue light when milk is too cold, red when too hot and green when ready to drink. Stop the microwave at the green light.

4) Prepare to feed your baby

Stir the milk with milkymeter to even out the temperature, and check the temperature. Now you are ready to feed your baby.

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