How Can I Help My Baby Who Has a Cold?

It's hard watching a baby who has a cold, especially when they are struggling to breathe and feed at the same time. Babies get lots of colds because they are still developing their immunity, but the snuffles won't last long and will soon pass. Until then, they may wake more in the night, meaning the [...]

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Essential Items to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

Having an organised and well stocked nappy bag is a godsend when you find yourself dealing with a messy nappy explosion!! The sheer quantity of things you need to stuff into your nappy bag may seem overwhelming, but you will be grateful you’ve got it when things turn to custard! Be a Nappy Bag Savvy [...]

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Helping Older Children Sleep Later

Are your older children waking up at the crack of dawn? This can be hard on a household, especially if parents are sleep deprived due to having a new baby. With a few changes, helping your older children sleep till a reasonable time is easily achievable. One mistake parents often make, is putting their children [...]

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What does a Baby Experience in the Womb?

Pregnancy is a time of wonder and intrigue, making it hard not to wonder - what does a baby experience in a womb? Thanks to ultrasound and other high-tech monitoring devices, scientists have discovered that growing babies are developing their hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste while still in utero. How Much Noise Does a [...]

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Pros & Cons of Letting Your Baby Use a Dummy

It’s the age-old question and one which everyone has an opinion on. Should you let your baby use a dummy or not? You get the haters saying they’re the worst thing since disposable nappies. Then you get the fans who want dummy using compulsory, or at least recommended by health professionals. While that will never [...]

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Learn  how ǃXun Mums from the Kalahari Desert settle their babies in less than a minute!

       Many pediatricians say babies are born 3 months early and a virtual 4th trimester of womb sensations is just what babies need! The rhythms and sounds created inside the womb trigger a baby's "calming reflex".  The  "calming reflex" is  the "off" switch for crying and the "on" switch for sleep. The ǃXun [...]

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Let’s talk about the LULLA Doll …… And with honesty too!

Let's talk about the Lulla Doll! ...... and with honesty ❤️ Let's start by saying that no sleep product on the earth is 100% guaranteed! I say that to every mum who asks that question. I do however, have personal experience with the LULLA Doll and my 3 year old and it turned sleeping around [...]

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