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12 Ways to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Everybody’s breastfeeding journey is different. For some it feels very natural and is relatively easy to master, for others it is a difficult slow process. Breastfeeding is an amazing gift that not only benefits baby’s growth and development but also benefits mum too. Persevering is essential to ensure success and its long-term benefit. How can [...]

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All your questions on White Noise answered here!

White noise is by far my most favourite sleep association, that and a dark sleeping space! Creating a dark sleeping space is usually pretty straight forward, whack up some block out curtains and you're good to go, but white noise can be confusing.  How loud should I have it? What type of white noise should [...]

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Learn  how ǃXun Mums from the Kalahari Desert settle their babies in less than a minute!

       Many pediatricians say babies are born 3 months early and a virtual 4th trimester of womb sensations is just what babies need! The rhythms and sounds created inside the womb trigger a baby's "calming reflex".  The  "calming reflex" is  the "off" switch for crying and the "on" switch for sleep. The ǃXun [...]

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Let’s talk about the LULLA Doll …… And with honesty too!

Let's talk about the Lulla Doll! ...... and with honesty ❤️ Let's start by saying that no sleep product on the earth is 100% guaranteed! I say that to every mum who asks that question. I do however, have personal experience with the LULLA Doll and my 3 year old and it turned sleeping around [...]

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Demystifying the Togs in Baby Sleeping Bags

I am often asked "which tog should I choose for my baby in the winter?" Once you know the temperature in your baby's room and have a basic understanding of togs .... you will never ask your husband these questions again!!! Is it hot or cold tonight? Is he warm enough do you think? Are [...]

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